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Job in 'Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Database Administration' discipline and 'ETL Developer' category

Advertised Details
Job title: Microsoft ETL Developer
Reference code: PBT39
Job category: ETL Developer
Position status: Vacant Min Salary (p/m): Market related
Position type: Permanent Max Salary (p/m): Market related
City: Cape Town  
• Work with business requirements to identify and understand source data systems
• Map source system data to data warehouse models
• Develop and test extraction transformation and load (ETL) processes
• Performance profile ETL processes
• Exception and Error handling contingencies and data hospitalisation procedures
• Management of system impact changes through appropriate assessments and design authorities
• Act as peer design authority for ETL processes
• Define and capture metadata and rules associated with ETL processes
• Adapt ETL processes to accommodate changes in source systems and new business user requirements
• Ensure adherence to Data Architecture Standards and Best Practices
• Ensure compliance with Data Management policies and procedures
• Obtains data requirements for new analytic applications
• Designs conceptual and logical models for the data warehouse or data mart
• Communicates physical database designs to database administrator and/or development team
• Evolves models to meet new and changing business requirements
Skills Required
• At least 3 years working experience with data in the financial services
• 5+ years MS SQL & MS SSIS experience
• 5+ years general programming experience
• Experience in backend frameworks and technologies.
• Conceptual and analytical skills
• Understanding of source and target data structures, ETL processes, and products
• Knowledge of 3GL/4GL programming languages and ETL products
• Understanding of Modern Data Warehouse architecture
• Understanding of Modern Data Warehouse ELT/ETL development methods
• Application of proven methods data processing performance optimisation
• Application of proven Near Realtime ETL processing methods
• Understanding of Realtime/Streaming Data Integration methods
• Application of proven methods to ensure high levels of fault tolerance and recoverability
• Understanding of the broader ecosystem of methods and tooling to ensure optimal ETL design
• Strong problem-solving and metadata skills
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