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Job in 'Business Intelligence, Data Warehousing and Database Administration' discipline and 'Business Intelligence Consultant' category

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Job title: Hadoop Administrator
Reference code: KLC0005
Job category: Business Intelligence Consultant
Position status: Filled Min Salary (p/m): Market related
Position type: Contract / Permanent Max Salary (p/m): Market related
City: Johannesburg  
PBT Group has an opportunity for a Hadoop Administrator to perform administration duties like Hadoop clusters management and taking care of other resources in the entire Hadoop ecosystem. The typical Hadoop administration jobs relate to installation and monitoring of Hadoop clusters.

As a Hadoop Administrator, you will responsible for supporting, configuring, upgrading, and maintaining multiple Hadoop clusters as well as contributing to building out additional clusters, adding nodes/capacity to existing clusters, and implementing open source projects.

• Installing Hadoop in Linux environment.
• Deployment in a Hadoop cluster and its maintenance.
• Health check of a Hadoop cluster monitoring whether it is up and running all the time.
• Analyse the storage data volume and allocating the space in HDFS.
• Resource management in a cluster environment. This involves new node creation and removal of unused ones.
• Configuring NameNode to ensure its high availability
• Implementing and administering Hadoop infrastructure on an ongoing basis.
• Required hardware and software deployment in Hadoop environment. Furthermore to expanding of existing environments.
• User creation in Linux for Hadoop and its components in the ecosystem. Moreover, setting up Kerberos principals is a part of Hadoop administration.
• Performance tuning and running jobs in Hadoop clusters.
• Capacity planning
• Monitoring connectivity and security of Hadoop cluster
• Managing and reviewing log files in Hadoop.
• Management of HDFS file system and monitoring them.
• Maintaining HDFS and providing necessary supports.
• Backup and recovery tasks.
• Communicating with other development, administrating and business teams. They include infrastructure, application, network, database, and business intelligence teams. Effective communication plays a key role in high quality and availability of data.
• Coordinating with application teams. Installing the operating system and Hadoop related updates as and when required.
• Working as a key person for Vendor escalation
• Troubleshooting
Skills Required
• General operational excellence. This includes good troubleshooting skills, understanding of system’s capacity and bottlenecks. Furthermore, you also need a basic understanding of memory management areas.
• Proper knowledge and hands-on experience in Hadoop ecosystem components.
• Hadoop administration demands one’s deployment skill in Hadoop cluster. Moreover, the job needs adding and removing nodes. It may need tracking of jobs and monitor the important parts of the cluster.
• Configuring high availability of name-node.
• Scheduling and taking backups
• Linux cron is the running platform of Hadoop. Hence, a good hands-on experience of Linux, its commands and scripting are a must.
• Configuration management and deployment exposure in Open source environment.
• Knowledge of Core Java is an added advantage in performing the job.
Qualifications/ Certification:
- A degree in Computer Science / Information Systems / Business Administration / Commerce or equivalent

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